Thomas Putnam 's Corruption And Zeal Essay

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December 2, 2014
Thomas Putnam’s Corruption and Zeal
Thomas Putnam, from The Crucible, plays a foremost role in the Salem witch trials in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. Left with an appealing amount of land makes Putnam prosperous, however, it doesn’t appear to gratify his goal. During the course of The Crucible, Thomas Putnam uses manipulation, drive, and foremost corruption to better himself, and obtain this unending goal of creating a monopoly of property. Lastly, his unusual involvement in the persistent accusations placed him in the center of limelight, making him a significant character in American history and furthermore the play.
As the play unfolds, Thomas Putnam plays a significant role in the commencement of the Salem trials. Thomas was the first character to bring about the possibility of unnatural origins for the illness of the children. His belief is that there are “‘vengeful spirits layin’ hands of these children’” (Miller 15). Putnam’s rational is valid, as he has lost seven newborns quite recently. He outwardly displays his regard to this situation by claiming that “‘there is a murderous witch among us,’ he vehemently cries out” (Miller 16). With his mid set, Putnam pursues to find the witch within Salem. His first action was to target Parris, a character in whom he has a similarity with. Both Putnam and Parris’ wives are sick, leaving them in an easy position to start the blame game. Within his search, Thomas tries…

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