Short Essay On Thomas Paine

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Thomas Paine wrote pamphlets advocating abolishing slavery, world peace and finding ways to provide social security for the poor, elderly and young people just starting out. Paine’s writings were plain and simple in language; most times he used quotes from the Bible in his arguments. Paine used religion because he knew most people knew the bible and could relate to his writings. Paine also was a controversial individual who made enemies due to his writings about the call for American Independence from England. He published the pamphlet called “Common Sense” in January 1776 pushing for Americans to declare their independence. In writing “Common Sense” he informed farmers as well as scholars about the ideas of a Revolution by using language …show more content…
According to Levine (2017), he apprenticed in his father’s shop in order to learn his trade because he had failed at school. He ran away at the age of 19 and held several jobs. While working as a tax officer in England Paine argued for a pay raise for officers. Those efforts failed but were considered his first effort at labor organizing (Levine, 2017). Just by chance, he meets Benjamin Franklin who convinced him to move to Philadelphia because life was better in the Americas. In 1774 Paine moved to Philadelphia and edited for the Pennsylvania Magazine where he published articles and poetry. Paine while living abroad became aware of the struggles and challenges that the colonists were facing and felt that they should become independent of each other and free from British rule. Some of the colonists were neutral in their support of declaring their independence from Britain because they loved Britain and its monarch. However, the colonists could not forget all the high taxes that Britain had enacted on them. Paine started writing a pamphlet, known as “Common Sense”, where he was trying to convert the colonists not only to declared their independence but also to the even more extreme idea that a self-governed, unified America should be a republic, without king or nobility (Rosenfeld, 2011). Paine reminded the colonists how Britain only followed the law when it was advantageous to them. Paine also argued that the colonists had the right to form their own government and decide the future that was in their best

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