Thomas Paine 's Common Sense Essay

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Thomas Paine spread his thoughts and ideas on American independence in his pamphlet, “Common Sense,” which advocated the independence of the American colonies from Britain and had a great influence to those living in America surrounding the time of 1776. Paine grew up as a son of an English Quaker, and was an apprentice of his father’s in his earlier years, but by 1774 Paine was in America supporting the separation between the colonies and Britain as he became the political philosopher and writer as we know him by today. From reading “Common Sense,” it is clear that Paine believed in the colonists’ right to revolt, as he passionately states the reasoning and logic behind his ideas. Many of his arguments are well thought out and very effective in persuading readers that an independent America would be the most beneficial to the colonies. Paine explodes many counter arguments made against his opinions with factual evidence and actions made by the English King that would discredit them.
Some of Paine’s strongest arguments come from showing the contradictions of opposing opinions. Throughout his pamphlet Paine points out wrong doings of King George III that persuade Americans that the king does not care about the colonies well being, and that the English monarchy will only act in self interest. This rebuts any other arguments that attempt to show that the English will protect the colonies. When the argument of the advantages of monarchy come about, Paine tells that even though…

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