Essay on Thomas Paine 's Common Sense

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Thomas Paine is most well know as a very influential writer that changed the course of history. He wrote “Common Sense” which inspired American rebellions against the crown along with the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Paine was one of the most popular activists that supported the American cause and encouraged Independence from England. One of his rebellious quotes include the following from common sense “…in America THE LAW IS KING” (Paine, Thomas). This was Thomas Paine 's most famous pamphlet. This was important because it gave all who read it the “common sense” to fight England. During this time Americans only needed a match to ignite the flames building between England and America, and common sense was that perfect match. The quarrels between these two began with taxes and the bullying of America by England. Common Sense took North America by storm and with its use of Pathos, Logos, diction, and metaphors it easily persuaded thousands of Americans to fight for independence.
Historical Background and Purpose
Thomas Paine was born in England in 1737, during his time there he failed at most of the things he attempted such as work. As he grew older he married and was expecting a child until both his wife and unborn baby died in labor. Soon after this he met Benjamin Franklin, who was impressed with the work that Paine had previously published, suggested he travel to America. He took Franklin’s advice and arrived in America in 1774. He found work as a magazine editor…

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