Essay about Thomas Paine : The Greatest Moments Of American History

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Everyone has seen the infamous scene of the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. As one of the greatest moments of American history, Thomas Paine, a British man, was one of the main influences for the founding and reasoning behind the document. Every student who has taken United States history in school has heard of Thomas Paine or Common Sense, his magnum opus, but the way he influenced the American masses remains a mystery. Scholars today question how Paine was so convincing with to the people with his works. They also wonder why Paine was the main propagandist of the movement and not someone else. Thomas Paine’s innate ability to propagandize his works through his writing style allowed him to convince the American people to take a stand against Great Britain. Through Paine’s printing and distribution etiquette, he allowed many to see his ideals, allowing the colonies to unite against their colonial power. In order to fully understand the impacts and influences Thomas Paine had on the American people, one must understand the historical background causing this turn of events. In the early 1770s, the British empire ruled the American colonies. Although they had ruled rather leniently for about seventy years, the British required more capital in order to fund their wars and imperialistic empire. The British then began to levy taxes and require mandates upon the colonies. Seen as fair by the British, the taxes closely resembled those levied upon the…

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