Thomas Paine And The Declaration Of Independence Essay

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Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet called Common Sense during 1737 to 1809. It is a primary source that supported and inspired the Declaration of Independence. Paine wrote Common Sense supporting the Americans to be separated from England because of the constant burden. Where they will become free at last and stand on their own by having a strong military and economy system. Thomas Paine reflects the ideas of enlightenment throughout the pamphlet in different ways such as context and also form. He also highlighted some burdens for example, “Taxation without Representation, Trade Restrictions, Quartering Act, Sugar Act and many other. He also believed in democracy.”
In addition, Paine states, “A government which cannot preserve the peace is no government at all…” (Paine pg.). Where he went in his writing that while he examines the idea of England concentrating of five issues for example, one that the America is flourished under England , two that England provides unity to all different colonies, three that strength is gained in their union, four that England protects America, and lastly five that England is the mother country. (Paine PG.). Later, Thomas Paine summaries the primary damage that he feels will come from dependence on England. This is how Paine uses Enlightenment thinking to defend his position that all Americans should be free from the mother country England. Although the British continued to tax the colonies some examples of the taxes were the Stamp tax and the…

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