Thomas More - Truly, A Man For All Seasons Essay

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Thomas More – Truly, “A Man for all Seasons”

Today we commemorate the death (and the life) of Thomas More, who died on this day in 1565. To many, he is known through Robert Bolt 's biographical play “A Man for all Seasons”, later an Academy Award Winning Film in 1967. Bolt (interestingly, an avowed agnostic) was fascinated by the strength of character and conscience which sustained More through the crucible of Henry VIII 's relentless pressure to submit to his will. While countless of his lay and clerical contemporaries yielded to the command to obey or lose everything (including their lives), More was one of a small handful who persevered to maintain their principles at the greatest sacrifice imaginable. Many who admire this remarkable man may struggle to understand why or how he would sacrifice his life for the sake of Queen Catharine 's marriage and the supremacy of the Pope. Nonetheless, his immense courage and interior strength, as well as his commendable human qualities, have inspired millions irregardless of their views on the issues for which he died.

It can safely be said that my personal interest in Thomas More is not a passing fancy. I have read no less than 10 biographies of the man and the Tudor period in England in which he lived. My oldest son bears his name. There have been many martyrs of conscience in human history, including his contemporary John Fisher among others. What has made this man such a compelling, attractive figure to myself and…

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