Essay Thomas Luther King Jr.

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Hobbes believes that a powerful sovereign that is not part of the social contract is the only way to govern people, be in control, and have order in the country; he thinks that because he believes that people will be so fearful of the sovereign and death that they will not cause any problems. However, James Madison, Plato, and Martin Luther King Jr. seem to for the most part disagree with him. I personally disagree with Hobbes, and I agree with Madison, Plato, and King.
Hobbes claims that Social unity and Civil peace are established through the commonwealth in the social contract. The State of Nature, in Hobbes’s opinion, is the equal opportunities of ability and desire which creates conflict, which makes people enemies of each others. He believes that people are equal both in overall strength and intelligence and in desires. He also believes that in the state of nature nothing can be unjust because justice and injustice are standard; he thinks that since people are inclined toward peace out of the fear of death and the desire of having a comfortable suitable life, that no one will cause any problems; he thinks that only when there is a powerful sovereign that they all fear. Hobbes, in my opinion, is wrong. Even though people are afraid of dying, people still cause problems and harm to others. Moreover, people are not equal in strength, intelligence, and desires. People are all different and have different desires. Hobbes also thinks that people are all equal in some sense…

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