Thomas Jefferson: Hero or Hypocrite Essay

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Brandon Kalasho
History 109
12 March 2012
Thomas Jefferson: Hero or Hypocrite Few men can compare to Thomas Jefferson in terms of articulation and benevolent philosophical views. He was a brilliant man whose verbalization formulated the United States’ Declaration of Independence from mother England. Jefferson was a man who believed in the preservation of individual liberties and equality, principles that are necessary for a nation to flourish. He was the country’s first secretary of state, and eventually he would become the third president of the United States. Jefferson helped establish the country that exists today, and his contributions remain observable 186 years after his passing. His likeness is now etched upon a
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The fact that Jefferson chose to practice slavery for his own financial reasons may appear selfish, yet if we convert his decision to decisions made by modern day society, we will see he shared similarities with the average American. For example, many Americans would agree that polluting the air and environment is wrong. Yet everyday millions of Americans contribute to pollution by simply driving their gas-powered automobiles. Americans

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