Thomas Jefferson Declaration Of Independence Analysis

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Thomas Jefferson: Declaration of Independence
1) The author, Thomas Jefferson, explains in the Declaration of Independence that the freedom he wants for the United States of America is to be free of the British and to be able to establish a government that is uncorrupted, fair, and equal. Basically, freedom from the British Empire and be able to freely to establish their own kind of government.
2) Jefferson states in the reading that in order to achieve their goals they would need to break free from the tyranny of the British crown, declare that they dissolve all political connection from the state of Britain, become independent states that would levy war, conclude peace, contract alliances, and establish commerce. Also, become independent
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For instance, not everyone had happiness, because back then there was slavery. Once it was abolished, there was segregation until the 20th century. Today, the nation is diverse we have our inalienable rights of life, liberty, and pursuit to happiness but it is not ideally. We still struggle today with racism, threats (like mass murders, bombs, etc.), and also not everyone has the chance to strive and achieve for what makes them happy.
Martin Luther King Jr: I Have a Dream
1) The author, Martin Luther King Jr., addresses in his speech to the people about the freedom to be equal in everything from our inalienable rights of life, to liberty, and to have the pursuit of happiness. He wants the colored people (in the speech he address more to the black community) to be free from the segregation laws. King wants everyone to come together as one and to be able to be equal to one another no matter of the skin color.
2) Martin Luther King Jr. wants the people of this nation to abolish segregation laws and to promote racial justice. He hopes to achieve equality for everyone of any color skin. In addition, King wants for future generations to not undergo the type of treatment they have and currently undergone where they have been robbed of their dignity. They want to stop separation and come together in terms of voting, communities,
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organized peaceful through how diverse the nation has become that have come; even though, it is not a perfect society. The quality of life has become better, we no longer are separated. It is not ideally become racism still does exist and causes conflicts over time. The generations after this event are no longer judgmental of skin colored because no one sees skin color an issue. It is merely a physical appearance of a person.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions
1) Elizabeth Cady Stanton expresses in her Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions how women should have the same freedom and equality men have. She uses the Declaration of Independence to explain that man and woman were created to be equal to one another. Her highest priority is having all women gain their inalienable rights.
2) In the reading, she states that women are going to use all their power to gain their rights. They don’t want any mockery, misleading, or illusions towards their goals, but instead be respect. She hopes that with this convention more conventions will start follow as well. They also are going to employ their own representatives for National legislatures, agents, and

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