Thomas Jefferson Best Represents America Essay

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Thomas Jefferson best represents America because he is one of the main authors of our Declaration of Independence, as well as a Founding Father of America. In the Declaration of Independence, he preached the ideas of unalienable rights, such as freedom and the right to pursue life in a way which brings an individual happiness. I selected Thomas Jefferson because these ideas are significant to America because these are the values that make up the foundation of our lives in present day America. In addition, Thomas Jefferson worked to reform public education and its result is the free public education Americans have today.

Sitting Bull best represents America because he resembles the struggles of settling in America. America was built on the blood and struggles of the colonist and Native Americans. In response to America’s expansion to the west, Sitting Bull, the Chief of the Sioux tribe, resisted and struck fear into the hearts of Americans. I selected Sitting Bull because he shows that getting America to what it is today, wasn’t an easy task. Moreover, Sitting Bull also shows that life in America wasn’t always as comfortable, but rather, it was a fight for survival. Lastly, Sitting Bull represents the rich history that America has leading up to becoming one of the world’s superpowers it is in the present day.

Abraham Lincoln best represents America because of his contributions towards equality in America. During his presidency, he was able to eradicate and prohibit…

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