Thomas Jefferson And The President Of The United States Essay

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In this difficult, but special country of ours, there has been many great presidents, but there are a few who truly left their mark on this world and one of those is Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson made many accomplishments for himself and this country many years ago by creating the Declaration of Independence and leading our country as third president of the United States. Throughout his life Jefferson will become many things such as a plantation owner, philosopher, and public official. Jefferson will also expand his political career by becoming a member of congress, secretary of state, and eventually becoming the president of the United States and serve for over five decades. All of Thomas Jefferson’s achievements that he strived and worked for throughout his life will result in the privilege of students throughout the world learning why he is an important historical figure. Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743 in Virginia. Jefferson’s parents, Peter Jefferson and Jane Randolph, had 10 children. Jefferson’s father, Peter, was a planter and surveyor up until his death in 1757 with Jefferson at the age of only fourteen. After his father’s death, Jefferson and his brother, Randolph inherited the family estate. In 1745, the Jefferson family had moved to Tuckahoe Plantation due to the death of a friend. This is where Jefferson will began his childhood education with Tuckahoe tutors, by 1752 he was in a local school and studying Latin, Greek, and French at the age of nine.…

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