Thomas Jefferson And The Founding Of The American Nation Essay

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When Thomas Jefferson and the founders were framing the newly formed nation they saw a very different direction of what the United States was to become. For the founders, republicanism was deeply rooted on the principle of "the people" sovereignty and not the abusive aristocratic monarchy used in colonial times. However, with social and economic changes republicanism slowly morphed into an idea that was to modernize with the changing American rhetoric. This sudden change in Republicanism would shift the way of political thinking that would have a profound effect on the everyday life of the American individual. This republican thinking would thus create a time in the American political system with intense political preferences, westward expansion, and increasing voter interest having a profound impact on American political thinking. To get the full understanding of Republicanism one must go back to the founding of the American Nation. At the time, many founders, including Thomas Jefferson, believed in a limited view of Republicanism. “For the Founding Fathers, ‘republicanism’ meant that government rested on the sovereignty of the people and not kings of nobles, but it did not mean the people would govern directly.” (Watson 7). The early thinking of republicanism for the founders, including Thomas Jefferson, was the belief in the sovereignty for the people. This idea believed that republicanism laid on the principle of sovereignty, or freedom of the people from…

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