Essay about Thomas Jefferson And The Declaration Of Independence

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Thomas Jefferson had been chosen by the Continental Congress in June of 1776 to write the Declaration of Independence although he had nominated John Adams he had denied the nomination and had said “ I am obnoxious, suspected and unpopular. You are very much otherwise” (Time p 1-2). Adams had rejected the nomination and had restated that Thomas Jefferson was the opposite of him and was the right person to pick it had proved that Jefferson was the perfect guy to write one of the most important documents in U.S history. The thought that John Adams and had rejected the nomination and had said the things he had about thomas jefferson had been shocking. John Adams had also stated that “You can write 10 times better than I.” (Time p 1-2”) Thomas had been well known as a good writer but not as a good speaker which would later show in his final copy of the Declaration of Independence. A look into the life of Thomas Jefferson would shows that he has outstanding amounts of leadership as well as ingenuity best shown In his time as the 3rd president of the United states as well as during the American Revolution.

It is no doubt that Thomas Jefferson showed high levels of leadership in the American revolution and even after the states gained independence. The first best example is when he had been chosen to write the declaration of independence by the continental congress (Time p1,2) At the time of the writing of the declaration of independence it had been considered a…

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