Thomas Jefferson And The Declaration Of Independence Essay

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Thomas Jefferson Author of the declaration of independence in the united state
Thomas Jefferson was born at Shadwell in Albemarle County, Virginia, on April 13, 1743.His father was peter Jefferson and her mother was Jane Randolph. They were members of the most famous Virginia families. Thomas Jefferson was well educated, he attended the college of William and Mary and read law in the year 1762-1767, this was the time the court were closed by the American revolutions. Throughout his studies Thomas showed a lot of commitment in his studies (uniiversity of Gronigen, 2016).
Thomas Jefferson had inherited a part of the land from his father estate and doubled it by a happy marriage on jan.1, 1772 to Martha Wayles Skelton. Jefferson was elected to be representative in the house of burgess when he was very young. He was 25 years old, and he served from 1769 to 1774, Jefferson he showed himself as a committed and very skilled draftsman though he had a challenge in communicating effectively (uniiversity of Gronigen, 2016).
Thomas Jefferson, was the author of the declaration of independent in the United States. Thomas, spent his childhood life in studying his books on a remote plantation in the Virginia piedmont. Jefferson prospered in his studies. Jefferson studied in a boarding school, where after years he excelled in classical language. Thomas Jefferson enrolled in William and Mary college in his home state of Virginia, Thomas specialized in studying science, mathematics,…

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