Thomas Jefferson And The Declaration Of Independence Essay

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Thomas Jefferson is widely known as one of America’s greatest heroes. He is a symbol of American independence and the third president of these United States. In his lifetime, Jefferson was consistently faced with many controversial issues due to his status as an educated American. These challenges are even included in our sacred document that is the Declaration of Independence; however, that is an entirely different paper. Perhaps the most difficult dilemma Jefferson faced was the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. In his decision, Jefferson was tasked with doing the right thing for his States, but also possibly contradicting his own beliefs as a result. Before Thomas Jefferson was elected into his first term as president he had become known as the true Republican figure. He was against any and all things that were not specifically listed in the United States Constitution: this particular form of portraying the constitution is know as ‘loose interpretation’. Jefferson stands behind this belief when George Washington was considering the idea of a National Bank in America as proposed by Alexander Hamilton. Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution states that “The Congress shall have Power To… make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper…” ( Jefferson and Hamilton had very different perspectives of what was “necessary and proper” for The United States; Hamilton proposed that a National Bank would relieve America of previous debts, whereas, Jefferson believed…

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