Thomas Jefferson And The Declaration Of Independence Essay

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Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of the United States of America, wrote the Declaration of Independence in the mid-1770s. He wrote The Declaration as a way to exemplify what we believe for in the United States. Thomas Used his critical thinking ability to create one of the most important document in our nation. I want to prove the Thomas Jefferson Used critical thinking to allow himself to create, rewrite and establish our Declaration of Independence. During what we saw of the movie in class, the Declaration of Independence was being decided by the senators from each state. After each read the document they began to place their own thoughts onto John Addams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson. One senator, asked to not segregate certain parties by race or background, but not because he was trying to be fair, he just wanted to keep his heritage’s name in good meaning. As with other senators they only thought more of personal matters than the ideals for the majority or, for everyone in general. At one point two senators went on fighting because one believed they did not need to place fair trial into the Declaration of Independence because in his state they were given fair trial. This was not the case for all the states though. The situation led to an argument between 2 senators while Thomas Jefferson was just listening and observing the actions. What I believe he was doing was trying to understand how strongly they felt about their suggestions and seeing…

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