Thomas Jefferson Accomplishments

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Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson was a major part of our history. He was incredible, intelligent, and strong leader. He was born on April 13, 1743 in Charlottesville, Virginia. He married Martha Wayles Skelton and together they had six children . Jefferson did more for our then brand new country than most people thought. He is most famous for being the primary author of the Declaration of Independence. He was also the governor of Virginia, ambassador to France, secretary of state, founder of University of Virginia, Congressman, Virginia delegate, first Secretary of State, and vice president . He had more accomplishments in his 83 years of life, than several people’s lifetimes combined. His most proud accomplishments were being the governor
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He was elected on June 1, 1779. At the time of his election the Revolutionary War was still in full swing, so Jefferson kept in close contact with all government officials. There were constant threats that the British forces would invade Virginia, and they did not have enough military forces to fight. So, Jefferson wrote William Preston who was a colonel in the Virginia militia to try to get an increase in military support. In response the General Assembly informed Jefferson about the British invading South Carolina, so Jefferson sent his troops to help defend South Carolina. Luckily, Virginia was not attacked during Jefferson’s first term as governor. He was reelected as Governor in 1780. On Jan. 2, 1781 the British fleet landed in Virginia. Troops were sent out, and Jefferson took it upon himself to go out on horseback and ensure the safety of records and making sure troops had supplies. The British took over Richmond, and destroyed military shops. President Washington ordered the Marquis de Lafayette to help Virginia fight the fight against the British. The end of Jefferson’s governorship was filled with some issues and problems. The citizens of Virginia was suppose to vote the last day of Jefferson’s term, however it got moved a couple days forward. At that time, the British was heading to the town Jefferson lived in, so he packed up all his things and he and his family fled to a different part of the state. Because …show more content…
Jefferson graduated from College of William and Mary in 1762 . He would study for 15 hours out of the day. He loved learning, therefore he fought so hard for the same opportunities for other people. He tried to get a bill for public education in Virginia approved, but did not succeed at first. In 1796, he proposed another bill for public education, however only part of the bill was put into effect. It was passed that—subject to the county’s discretion—public elementary schools would be created. Over the course of several years, Jefferson continued to push for education. On February 21, 1818, Virginia Legislature finally passed the law to open up a public university. Jefferson was so excited and thrilled that he drew up the blueprints for the design of the University of Virginia. He also, comminuted four miles from his home to the University almost every day to make sure that his plans were following through. Additionally, he developed new curriculum ideas. He made the classes not require, but had it where the students were able to pick any class they wanted and take it. The university finally opened its doors to the public in 1825, but sadly Jefferson passed away a year later . His legacy is still very prominent in the University

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