Thomas Jefferson : A Great Man Who Has Had So Many Accomplishments

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Thomas Jefferson was a great man who has had so many accomplishments in his lifetime and so many skills that don’t get any attention. There’s much more to Thomas Jefferson than most people don’t actually know though and several things that people are told that aren’t actually true. Throughout Thomas Jefferson’s life there were several very important dates to remember. The first was his birthdate which is was April 13th of 1743. Only nineteen years later he finished up his education at the College of William and Mary in 1762. Five years later he began reading law and was admitted to the Virginia bar. For six years from 1769 to 1775 Jefferson served in the Virginia House of Burgesses. During the 1770’s he accomplished several things including: marrying Martha Wayles Skelton, being elected delegate to the Second Continental Congress, appointed to the committee to draw up a proclamation of independence, served in in the Virginia legislature which was the House of Delegates. This, however, was just the tip of the political iceberg. In the 1780’s he severed as governor of Virginia, as a delegate to Congress from Virginia, and appointed Minister of France. From 1790 to 1793 he served as secretary of state and 1797 to 1801 were spent as the Vice President. The last bit of politics he really participated in was from 1801 to 1809 when he served as the third president of America. In 1819 he charted the University of Virginia. Thomas Jefferson died July 4th of 1826, which was the…

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