Thomas Jefferson : A Contentious Patriot Essay

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Thomas Jefferson: A Contentious Patriot
In the mere beginnings of his presidency in 1801, Thomas Jefferson knew he was to live up to the expectations of the American public. Rumors were circulating that Spain would give up control of the strategic ports of New Orleans back to France, Jefferson feared this greatly. Fervently, the idea of Spain giving the ports back to the original owner of the French ensued to become more of a possibility, so with this the President took action which may have caused him more hardships than he could possibly envision.
In the 19th century the reality was French military dictator, Napoleon Bonaparte persisted to be contemplating a plan with the Spanish government, to control the ports of New Orleans once again, and to this Thomas Jefferson wrote, “The cession of the Spanish Province of Louisiana to France, which took place in the course of the late war, will, if carried into effect, make a change in the aspect of our foreign relations which will doubtless have just weight in any deliberations of the Legislature connected with that subject.” By recording this former President Jefferson briefly envisioned altering his traditional foreign policy stance to an anti-French alliance with the British, “France placing herself in that door assumes to us the attitude of defiance. Spain might have retained it quietly for years.… From the moment we must marry ourselves to the British fleet and nation.”
The idea crossed Jefferson’s mind that a…

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