Thomas Hobbes And The Poster Child Of A Defense For Secular Absolutism

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This month’s conversation centered on the idea of a human nature and inherit characteristic of humanity based on our human nature. It was a discussion that has two men on two different sides of the idea. The clashing ideas, firstly the ideas that humanity is raw, evil, and selfish, and the other saw humans as inherently good creatures. This lead to so testy comments of both sides. However, after discussing the merits of humanities inherit characteristic, the discussion moved towards how inherit effective the form of government that a nation should have to properly function. The men that give us this lovely, and heated discussion were Thomas Hobbes, and John Locke.
Our first speaker is Thomas Hobbes, the poster child of a defense for secular absolutism. His writing and thoughts were affected by the instability of the English Civil, and it is through this that Hobbes formed his ideas about how a government should function. However, it is first through his idea of human nature that leads him to the understanding of how government should functions. Hobbes believes that humans are raw and evil, and that it is only through strong centralization of power that can control the evil populations. This is where the base of secular absolutism was formed by Hobbes.
The other speaker this month was John Locke; he is the brain of the base for constitutional form of government. He is a reaction to Hobbes, writing, and was affected by the Glorious Revolution. This is the ideals of have…

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