Thomas Hobbes And The Enlightenment Period Essay

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The Enlightenment Period has gifted the opportunity for many philosophers to voice their beliefs and concerns on various subjects. Varying from philosophers to physiocrats, the Enlightenment Period was a time of innovation and brilliance, providing us numerous foundations to examine and critique. With that said, one very successful figure of the Enlightenment Period, Thomas Hobbes, was an English man who unlike most people, deeply concerned for a better future with fewer political issues and societal issues. The English philosopher, Thomas Hobbes, as many may argue, was best known for his extravagant ideas in political science, philosophy, academics, journalism, and social science. Throughout his lifespan, Thomas Hobbes had spent his life, providing and voicing his beliefs and resolutions to the political and societal issues he had heavily concerned for. Nevertheless, Thomas Hobbes has impacted and influenced the Enlightenment Period, influencing many people (including myself) to further investigate the life and beliefs of Thomas Hobbes. Young Thomas Hobbes was born on April 5, 1588, in Westport, Wiltshire, England to a father (Thomas Hobbes Sr.) who had abandoned his three children (including Thomas Hobbes) and disappeared without a single trace. As a result, Thomas Hobbes’s uncle, Francis Hobbes, nurtured and provided them with education so they can have a successful future, unlike their father. For the time being, Thomas Hobbes had possessed a natural talent for…

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