Essay on Thomas Hobbes And Modern Reform Liberalism

1326 Words Dec 4th, 2015 6 Pages
Throughout time many philosophers have created their own ideas of what our body politic should look like, who should rule, under what extend and as time has passed these ideas have juristically changed. Many philosophers believe that their view is what would be best for all societies. Thomas Hobbes believed in the idea of Modern Authorianism, which is very different than the idea of Modern Reform Liberalism. Modern Reform Liberalism, though this theory does have its flaws as well, is the best method to use when it comes to the running of a stable society. The problem of passionate men is one that all philosophers come to find; the modern authorianism view of this was that we are all self interested, anti-social beings. This is not necessarily true, yes we are all self-interested but we are not anti-social. As a society we need one another to grow. Our growth depends upon those around us not just ourselves. If we were to never socialize our ideas, wants, and needs would not grow and expand as we do. Once we begin to go to school, church, or other social gatherings we are able to talk, express and question what is around us. Being able to do this not only allows us to develop our idea but possibly collaborate with others. Just because we socialize, it does not mean that our self-interest goes away; we would be socializing because of this. Our socializing is because of our own need to succeed; we need others to survive and this survival depends on the connections that we…

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