Thomas Hobbes And John Locke Essay

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Both Thomas Hobbes and John Locke were political philosophers and pioneers in the belief that humans in a state of normalcy under no government belonged under the category “State of Nature”. Also both were both social contract theorists in the sense that in the need of a government their needs to be some sort of contract/understanding between the people and the structured power. At first agreeing on this premise, they would come to differ in the end both having radically difference of opinions. Hobbes on one hand believed there needed to be a strong monarchy (a somewhat form of absolutism) ruling over the people to avoid chaos and unrest; whereas Locke believed in a “limited monarchy” (the basis for Parliament) where the people had more of a say and the government did not intervene. The way to understanding their difference of opinions is to analyze the context in which they both came to their respective conclusions. For example, in regards to the idea “fundamental human nature” Hobbes asserted in Leviathan that man is not social animal that is capable of fending on its own, unless he is governed by some sort of ruling authority. He furthers this by stating how he believed that human beings were organisms in motion thinking of the past and future and worrying about what comes next, and that they need to be restrained/monitored by authority from pursuing selfish ends could. Hobbes also believed that men seek power and are controlled by their passionate…

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