Essay about Thomas Hobbes And John Locke

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In any society that hopes to be fair, sustainable and safe the ideas of both Hobbes and Locke must be put into practice. Thomas Hobbes and John Locke were two of the greatest philosophers of their time. John Locke thought that people are born as a “blank slate” and can be shaped into anything. Thomas Hobbes believed that people were not guided by reason, but instead were guided by our inherent ancient, animalistic instincts. Locke was a believer in Democracy while Hobbes believed in Monarchy. The movie combined the ideas of both philosophers and proved how societies can be very different depending on the circumstances. Thomas Hobbes believed in a society led by an absolute monarch. He wanted the leader to have absolute power over anything and have the ability to make any and all decisions. In “Lord of the Flies”, Jack became frustrated about Ralph being in charge and broke away from the group to start his own society. This started a society that had all the ideals of Thomas Hobbes. He took the ideas of Hobbes to a whole new level and unlike Ralph, ruled with an iron fist with no chance of escape for others. Anybody who broke his rules were punished mercilessly, making everyone afraid to defy Jack’s unpitying rule. Furthermore, he used fear to manipulate his followers; unlike Ralph, he used the “monster” to scare everybody and put the idea into their heads that only he and the people who followed him could kill the beast. Meanwhile, Ralph didn’t use terror to manipulate…

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