Thomas Gunn 's Memory Unsettled Essay

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In Thomas Gunn’s “Memory Unsettled,” the main speaker visits a dying friend in a hospital bed. The poem is delivered in the second person, which indicates the reader will be pushed to feel personally involved with the poet’s characters. By stating, “Your pain still hangs in air ” the poet allows the reader to vividly imagine the pain the dying friend may be feeling (76. 1). As the visitor intends to comfort his dying friend, the reader acknowledges a bittersweet moment by inferring the pain is endless, yet the presence of a caring friend makes it less cold and more cheerful (76. 1-4). By depicting positive characteristics of a legitimate friend through word choice and phrases, as well as using a rhyme scheme to show the symbolic meaning of sticking together, the poet establishes a sorrowful yet optimistic mood about dying. Gunn uses word choice and phrases to portray the characteristics of a devoted friend, thus giving the reader a positive impression of those who possess such terminal illnesses. The first stanza shows how a dying friend is enduring so much agony. Gunn states, “Your pain still hangs in air,” and “The voice of your despair” (76. 1-3). These particular lines show that someone is in need of comfort and love. Gunn continues his poem by mentioning the visitor is a caring friend because he places himself to his friend’s disposal. Although, the visitor wanted to make himself useful, his friend just wanted him to remember him. When the visitor agrees to remember…

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