Essay on Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics and a Career in Crisis

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6N:212: Management in Organizations

Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics, and a Career in Crisis


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Answer 1] Frank Davis, marketing director, is an excellent strategic player. He sorts through all of the possibilities, though short term, and find the best effective way to move forward. As he had just been promoted from the position of a senior market specialist he for sure was competent and experienced in the way things should be done. He got used to a precise planning of an every detail, schedule and documentation. That depicts him as a highly organized person with perfect managerial skills. David’s strong analytical strength mixed with his 15 years of
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Davis would much rather him develop an approach that is very sound, solid, and justifiable that he could follow through from beginning to end with little or no variation from the original path intended. When this new position of senior marketing specialist opened up, Davis expected to choose the new person. However, McDonald made decision to hire Green. Davis started to act from power as Green was directly reporting to Davis. In first meeting Davis although appreciated Green’s new and creative ideas, he also said that these would have been more effective if he had been able to provide supporting data which Green did not pay much attention to. Green worked independently as soon as he started with the new position whereas Davis expected him to inform about his schedule and work plans. Problems started when during Budgeting and forecasting meeting Green openly challenged Davis’ forecasted growth of 10 %. He was not able to relate that Davis was doing this forecasting for past several years and Green is the young new guy, challenging Davis Openly would make Davis very upset. David commented that Green's lack of enthusiasm and negative attitude will affect productive team work. Green was more focused and concerned in the problems of selling to current and prospective clients, whereas Davis expected him to invest his time in developing strategic marketing approaches and effective sales tactics. As a supervisor, it is Davis’ expectation that Green comply with provided

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