Thomas Edison, The Invention Of The Light Bulb

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To know what the invention really is, you need to know the man behind it all and because of that, I gave a brief history of Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb. Well the first one that was practical to use at least, in my essay you will learn about how the light bulb came to become what it is today. I wrote the past of Edison life following up to his scientific discovery and how we use it to this day. You will learn how important lights really are to the world and why we should be grateful for it. I will do a little comparing to the past and now for you can learn a little bit more. I also included what made him decide to become an inventor and how he invented the light bulb. There will be facts that you might or haven’t heard of in the past because I know when I did my research that I learned many facts about the light bulb. My essay will also show how many times Edison experimented and about his other hobbies as well. I hope my essay makes you appreciate the light bulb a little more because it is such an amazing invention that we overlook every day, thank you.

Everybody knows Thomas Edison was the inventor of the famous light bulb, but before we get into detail about that, I feel like it is
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Imagine factories only working throughout the day and at night doing nothing, the population keeps growing by the second and there wouldn’t be enough goods for everybody. Plus, it is just so easy to go and turn on the switch, before light bulbs you had to light up multiple candles and took up a good amount of time for only one room. Eating at night would become a task and cooking at night would be almost impossible. This little light bulb has done so much for us and is one of the best inventions ever made. When you go turn on that switch at night, remember that without that lightbulb you would be standing in complete darkness right

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