Consequences Of Literacy

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In society tools are the crux of future advancement and achievement, without which no society can survive. In today’s modern society, literacy is the cornerstone of our society’s toolbox. Societies with high literacy rates are considered to be more progressive and having more potential as there is optimum utilization of human resource which contributes to the development of the entire nation. On the other hand, societies with low literacy rates are less assertive static and flop. To assess the impact of literacy and how well people understand this topic, I have formulated a few questions from which to interview people. With the use of questions focusing on certain events, experiences, and the eventual effects of the aforementioned on the interviewees I was properly able to understand the benefits of literacy over illiteracy.
The initial part of the interview attempted to gain insight into the person’s basic understanding of the term literacy and what benefits it may hold over illiteracy. In response to my question one individual replied that literacy is what pushes one to greater heights in life, towards success and a better future. There is not only a worldly gain in life, but also that we are able to see our place in the world and assess the world
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A well written work can change the balance of society; it all depends on who’s the writer”. What I took from this is that it depends on us what we read, how we absorb the information, and how we use that information to make proper judgements; good or bad. When it comes to survival all thoughts of good and bad are forgotten because the reality is that a hungry man will not think twice before stealing to fill his stomach. Good or bad can only be thought about when you yourself can survive properly, such as a man backed by literacy

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