Thithi Movie Synopsis

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The plot synopsis of Ram Reddy’s Thithi (2016) indicates why such a simple film has consistently found its way to film festivals both national and international and has been already numbered among the most genuine examples of feature-length ethno filmmaking in Indian Cinema. The film Thithi, is about the death of a 101-year-old patriarch called Century Gowda and how three generations of his family react to his death. The opening sequence of the film begins with death of Century Gowda and the sequence that follows is perhaps the film’s most enigmatic with introduction of Gadappa, this character lives with audience; he is someone who wanders in village field, puffing local beedi and brandy, plays with children, responds to his father’s death as if nothing happened, and finds joy in company of shepherd community. The scene where Gadappa talks about tragedy of his …show more content…
And, most impressive was the fact that the entire film team was in their 20s and most of them were amateurs and for some Thithi was their debut film. Film Co- writer Ere Gowda’s hometown is Nodekoppalu, shooting site of the film and some of the actors in the film are his close relatives. Having grown-up in the village, he brings in distinct local dialect of the place (Mandya district) in the dialogue making it simple, humane and humors; aiding the non-professional cast to transform into the reel character naturally and this gives nativity to the medium. Indeed, this method of “collaborative” work also indicates a fine line between participation and more subtle forms of indenture. It has brilliant sound-design, the back ground sounds are immersive to the story and different bird sounds are used for different characters instead of music. And, the impeccable cinematography and the crafting of the film seemed

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