This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen: Term Paper

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Rebecca Klotz
His 102
Dr. LaPierre
April 24, 2013
This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen During the time of World War II, people considered inferior to the Nazis were sent off to concentration camps. Determining who lives and who dies was done mainly by separating those who are healthy and able to work from those who are not. So in order for these inmates to survive, they had to make themselves appear as healthy and work-capable as possible for as long as possible. Making this work was a struggle for most people. But for those that made it off of the train and into the cells of the concentration camp, there was a sliver of hope. This hope came from the letters and packages that they were allowed to receive from home, and also the
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The food kept them from becoming starved and therefore too weak to work and the clothes made them look more well-kept and just overall pleasing to the eye as compared rags or, in some cases, nothing. The people in these camps did not just fend for themselves though. Together, the whole group tried to keep each other alive as best they could. They shared their food with those who need it, those who do not have families to write to or receive things from. For example, during a lunch break while working at the concentration camp, everyone is allowed one bowl of soup and those selected by the watchman are allowed to have two bowls because they want the strong workers to stay strong so that they can work longer instead of wasting their food on those headed for the gas chambers. One of the workers who were allowed two bowls of soup gave his second bowl away to his friend because he was weaker and did not want to see his friend head into the gas chambers. The people in the camps developed relationships with each other than none of us can even imagine. Somehow, the fear for their lives and the struggle to stay alive brought these people from different backgrounds together kind of like a family and made them care for each other in way which normally they would not, for instance, giving up their own scarce source of food for the benefit of the weak. Also, these new-found friendships gave them a purpose to stay alive, and a sense of hope. Another sense of hope

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