This Is A Trail Chapter If You Guys Like It I 'll Continue Essay

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So this is a trail chapter if you guys like it I’ll continue.
Full summary : Partly Au because I like writing them . Inspired by the fm static song that this is names after. After spending most of her life in a castle, 16 year old Raven Queen I sent to spend the summer with one of her dads old friends, king Charking and his wife and three children. There she makes new friends and may even have a summer romance.
Raven frowned sadly as she watched the sillouet of her fathers Kingdom fade into the distance. She had planned to spend the summer redecorating her room, helping Cook and breaking in her new Taylor Quick album, instead she was spending her summer with one of her dads old friends from high school. Spending the summer with someone she had never met was not her idea of a dream vacation, but if her dad thought it was for the best, so she went along with it. For his sake.
“they have three kids around you age.” Her father said hopefully, trying to brighten his daughters less than happy mood.
Raven gave him a half hearted smile, “I’m sure their great dad.”
King Henry looked sadly at his daughter, he hated sending her away but it was the only way to keep her safe. Rumors of her mother escaping her mirror prison had been growing and he knew she would come after Raven first.
“it will give you a chance to get out and make some friends.” Henry added.
Raven nodded in agreement before diverting her attention to the passing scenery. Tall pine trees stood tall and proud,…

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