This Boys Life Essay

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This Boys Life By: Jessica Ceccolini

I am doing a biography on Dwight, he is the stepfather to Jack the main character. Dwight who was a short man with curly brown hair and brown eyes. He smelled of gasoline, his legs were small for his thick chested body. Dwight dressed very different from people he had two toned shoes, hand painted tie, monogrammed blazer with a monogrammed handkerchief always in the breast pocket. Dwight was a great dancer, and very nice at the beginning of the story he was also very considerate of others. He was always trying to win Jacks mother over so that he could marry her and they would be a happy family. He was also very helpful, but sometimes too helpful because people couldn't do anything without my
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I also think he was abused when he was a boy because you don't just acquire those traits you learn them and that is what is sad about this book because now Jack and skipper might do the same thing when they get older and that is another reason I hate Dwight because his anger has long term affects on his kids. Themes in Dwight's life are power because he always has to be in control and always the leader. Another theme would be killing he thinks he is a huge hunter when really he could shoot a beach ball if it was in front of him. He also is very cautious about people using his things he checks everything from people using his toothbrush to things on car and in his car he is very OCD about everything in his life. "I didn't worry about him, he was to short and a mechanic and his clothes were wrong" (pg.63). This is a quote about Dwight from Jacks Perspective. "Dwight trailered her there and tried to strangle her in the lobby of our apartment building" (pg.284). This is a quote about Dwight trying to kill Jacks mother. "It's probably a little my fault too, she said she should of have known better than to let Dwight handle the money, she should have insisted on a joint account" (Pg.263). That quote is from a part in the book where Jack finds out Dwight spent all of his money on stuff and Jack and his mother are crying about

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