This Boy 's Life : A Memoir By Tobias Wolf Essay

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In the book “This Boy’s Life: A Memoir”, by Tobias Wolf, the author often illustrates Jack’s coping mechanism to escape the unpleasant parts of his life. Using his coping mechanism of imagination made his life more endurable without the restraints that are placed upon him. In particular, his coping mechanism would involve him using his imagination to imagine where he wants to be in life and how much of a different boy he would be if he grew into a high class family that did not have any problems. Often during the day, Jack would be off smoking a cigarette and putting on a façade of manliness as he would describe how he did things such as “kill the turkey in Chinook”. Instead of stating the truth and showing his friends the boy that moves all the time and does not have a stable life, he pretends he is the masculine male that his male role models have shown him. Secondly, as he chipped away at the chestnuts he was forced to shuck away, he would slip into daydreams about being in a castle. Daydreaming about anything else that involved him being the boy that had a dad and family. A boy who had better things to do then be forced to shuck away at nuts that resulted in cuts and scratches on his fingers. Third, delaying the need to go home after his paper routs was a coping mechanism because he chose to sit in bachelors’ quarters and read. He chose to spend his time fooling around with kids from school, play with dogs, read papers and dream about being a hero. None of these things…

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