Essay on Thirsty : Care For A Drink

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Thirsty? Care for a drink? Try the reusable water bottles and fill up at the nearby fountain. Feel free to use wood-fiber products, nontoxic sprays, or laptops for textbooks. In my family, I have always been accustomed to using environmentally friendly products and.properly recycling glass, paper, cardboard and anything that had a reusable value to it. However, when I went to recycle an empty bottle of water on the first day of high school, I had to walk all the way to the one recycling bin in the corner of the cafeteria. Due to my curiosity, I asked the faculty members in charge that day where the next nearest recycling bin was. They claimed that there was another towards to end of the hall which most students were unaware of. I went through almost a week without recycling because my high school was very large and these few bins were in inconvenient locations. Every time I went to put something in the trash that could be recycled, I felt extremely guilty. I am completely willing to walk a bit to recycle my plastic bottles, however it seemed like the school could do more to encourage it, and after all, I did not even hear about it until I asked. At my school I had noticed minimal recycling, and never the option to recycle glass or plastic or metal.
Essentially, a multitude of products have become useful in so many ways that not recycling is harmful as well as unwise and uneconomical. There’s not enough room to throw trash all over the place, pollute, and simply not…

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