The Pros And Cons Of Hiring Third World Immigrants

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Employers want to hire Third world immigrants for many reasons. To begin, immigrants have come seeking lives of plenty. They bring their deprivation with them, which often creates islands of hardship amongst those who are seeing prosperity. Once they get here, they find low wage jobs that offer a paltry wage. They willingly accept these jobs because although this wage is low, it is much greater than a wage received at home. This simple scenario happens to many immigrants as they enter the United States. They find the jobs that us Americans will not willingly do, that offer very little money for very hard labor. These jobs seem very good to these immigrants, who could not make this much money in their home country. Although immigrants …show more content…
Being able to pay immigrants less also benefits us as consumers. It does so by making the product we want, less expensive. When a company is able to pay its workers less, they are able to sell their item for less money and still make a profit. This ability to pay immigrants little to nothing helps point out another reason to hire Third World immigrants. Employers also want to hire Third World immigrants to make the earning gap larger. By earning gap, employers are talking about the difference between the earnings of themselves and of those who do the heavy labor. It is easier to hire Third world immigrants for less money if the main goal is to leave the earning gap where it is or even make it larger. If they earning gap narrows by raising wages at the bottom, some employers argue that it would have a direct impact on prices for the same people- those in poverty. Randy Rolston, president of a mail-order stationery company, put it this way, “If you move the minimum wage up, where they are spending their money is back within the minimum wage realm.” By this he means that if you raise the minimum wage, everything around them will also go up in price, such as groceries and restaurant dinners. When the wages are raised, prices

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