Third World Countries Education Essay examples

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Children in Trouble The object of education, is to prepare young children to educate themselves throughout their lives, but schools in third world countries do not have this opportunity. The third world education system needs first world help. However, the first world is not fulfilling their global responsibilities to help these countries. Children in third world counties, such as Haiti and Papa New Guinea, deserve a better education and more support. Education in the third world faces challenges, because of the lack of resources, making the schools struggle with, supplies, facilities and teachers. Therefore, children wherever they are born deserve an equal education.

Education is the key to a healthy life. If people never went to
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America can not solve all of the worlds complications, because they have there own issues.But anyone can sponsor a child. So why not help? Because children need people that are nice and kind.

Parents are the encouragement of the children in America. They have gone through the process and have seen what the outcome will be. In some cities in America the illiteracy rate is far too high. This then means that when the children get older, they will be driven into big challenges. In America, health and safety are problems that they will face. The Department of Education in 2011 are planning to spend $77 billion on education, and on top of that, they are loaning $173 billion to students. There is so much money given to schools and students around America, and there has been nothing given by the American Education Department to third world. These third world countries are desperate for anything and everything that is loaned or donated. Nobody has realized this major problem or tried to fix it.

The majority of the children in the third world, can not read or write. This dilemma brings on adult issues, which becomes worse every year. Over half of the population of some parts in Africa are illiterate. This leads to huge problems these adults, if they have families, will be stuck in the middle of the poverty trap. They will not be able to earn any money to get food and water for their children, or get the things that others

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