Third Wave Feminism Essay

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Despite the freedom that women have now, it is not equal to that of men. For this reason some women and men continue to fight for political, social and economic equality, this ideology is known as feminism. This political movement can also be divided into three waves throughout history and which still continues on to this day.
Women are treated as second-class citizens, not only in the United States of America, but all across the world in different countries. It is for this reason that women had decided to stand up not just for themselves as individuals, but also for future generations of women to come. It was that bravery that gave birth to the feminist movement. The first wave was during the nineteenth century and early twentieth century.
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It began in the United States and spread all across the Western world and beyond. The second wave began after women were kicked out of the workplace after the end of the World War II. Most of the movement’s energy was focused on passing the Equal Rights Amendment to the constitution guaranteeing social equality regardless of sex. The second wave was for women whom no longer accepted the housewife role as mandatory. They fought for the right to do what they wanted with their bodies, fought to end sexual and gender oppression. Second wave of feminism still exists and coexist with what is called third wave …show more content…
Feminists have fought to demonstrate that access to abortion and contraception are a woman’s reproductive right. That they should have the right to do what women believe is right for their own bodies. This goes hand-to-hand with rape, rape victims being able to get an abortion without being judge wrongfully, if they decide to get an abortion. They stand for women who are blamed for being raped when they are actually the victims. They continue to fight for women, so that they should not have to avoid dressing a certain way in order not to be victimized. They stand-up for women, so they can dress how they please without being thought of as sex objects or called derogatory terms. They protest for equal pay, to close the wage gap between men and

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