Third Viennese School Of Psychotherapy: Man's Search For Meaning

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What is logo therapy? Webster’s dictionary defines it as: a highly directive existential psychotherapy that emphasizes the importance of meaning in the patient 's life especially as gained through spiritual values.
A short introduction to this system is given in Frankl 's most famous book, Man 's Search for Meaning, in which he outlines how his theories helped him to survive his Holocaust experience and how that experience further developed and reinforced his theories. It is considered the "Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy" after Freud 's psychoanalysis and Adler 's individual psychology. Logo therapy is based on an existential analysis focusing on will to meaning as opposed to Adler 's doctrine of will to power or Freud 's will to pleasure.
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Why because it requires us humans to depended on a power greater than our self. It is easy to stay positive when things are going well, but to remain positive and stay focused on the goal in adversity is hard.
I was told by Professor DeGregorie that depending on what season of life you were in and what your current circumstances were that you would read this book and get a different meaning from it. I agree. It is like reading the Bible or a self-help book; different season’s, different meanings. This is the first time I have read Viktor Frankl’s book. And I have gotten a couple main ideas out of it.
One, attitude is everything. I know I’m not the first to come up with that but truth is truth. As I think about what Frankl wrote in the first section of this book about the situations he faced and the conditions he lived in, I wonder if I would have maintained that positive life- has- meaning attitude?
Two, you can change your circumstances by changing your
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That is my primary meaning or goal in this life. I had a dream early this morning that I was pouting and ranting and raving at others around me because they were not behaving as I thought they should. Who am I to judge how others should act? If I let that dream set the tone for my day I would probably let others control my feelings all day. I know enough through years of experience that I may not always be right and my way of thinking and doing is not necessarily correct or even important. So I let it go and enjoy my day. It helps to focus on

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