Third Sex: Third Generation Essay

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History of third sex

In all probability the pre-historical human societies had close to 5 or 6 gender identities, keeping with the nature of humans. Indeed some of the surviving ancient tribes (e.g. the Native Americans or the Bugis of Sulawesi, etc.)). When there were not enough gender identities, unlike present day west, these cultures accommodated all the possible shades of gender within the ones available.
The feminine male, the masculine female and the hermaphrodite --- all were considered important members of the society and had their distinctive roles in the society. E.g. they often became priests and healers.
At some point of time Masculinity in men started to be valued much more --- perhaps because the society needed more
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This acted as a sort of banishment, but was inappropriate, because the third sex was basically a space for feminine gendered male --- not for men who do not want to or cannot reproduce (as some ambitious homosexual activists claim).
This created an intense pressure on masculine gendered men that made almost all of them opt for marriage. Marriage and procreation has always been enough to prove one's manhood and emotional attachment with females was seen as unmanly --- even a quality of the third sex --- in the ancient world. Although sexual interest was never an issue it did bring extra 'masculinity' points to men and made the whole game easier.
In due time masculine gendered men also responded by creating their own spheres where they invented pretexts behind which they could stay away from women without losing their manhood status. These spaces were either warrior cults or spiritual cults. Women were strictly not allowed within these spaces and its adherents were restrained from contacts with women --- except for procreation purposes within marriage.
As part of this gender and sexual politics to control the sexual behavior of masculine male, the third sex's sexual need for women was 'un-acknowledged' in order to make male-male sex sound masculine. Third sex males who liked women too went underground.
With time, the third gender

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