Third Principle Of Naturopathic Medicine

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Register to read the introduction… This principle is used to ensure the patients’ safety. NDs use low-risk procedures and healing compounds with few or no side effects. (1) Such healing compounds include dietary supplements, herbal extracts and homeopathy. Whenever possible, do not suppress symptoms, as these symptoms are the body’s efforts to self-heal. Each diagnosis and treatment plan is customized to fit each patient’s needs. Naturopathic physicians understand and respect the fact that we all heal in different ways. The fourth principle used in naturopathic medicine is to educate patients. This follows the belief that doctors must be educators as well as physicians. NDs teach their patients how to eat, exercise, relax and nurture themselves physically and emotionally and they also work closely with each patient. …show more content…
The level of medical education among naturopaths also varies, though no naturopathic training program reaches the same level of training as an MD. In the United States and Canada, the designation of Naturopathic Doctor (ND) may be awarded after completion of a four year program of study at an accredited Naturopathic medical school that includes the study of basic medical sciences as well as natural remedies and medical care as mentioned earlier. The scope of practice varies widely between jurisdictions, and naturopaths in unregulated jurisdictions may use the Naturopathic Doctor designation or other titles regardless of level of education. (3) Naturopathy can be a great compliment to contemporary medicine but anyone who wants to explore this world of alternative medicine should do their research. As you just learned, there are many things to consider when thinking about turning to this alternate form of health care. When choosing a naturopathic doctor, it is important to ask many questions and learn as much as you can about his/her educational background and credentials. It is also important to find out what type of licensing, if any, your state requires for a naturopathic to use the designation

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