Third Climate Change Essay

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Register to read the introduction… “The impact of global warming and climate change can effectively kill us off, make us refugees” (Ismail Shafeeu, Minister of Environment, Maldives, 2000). Climate change is having great impact on some areas in the world such as the Maldives Island in the Indian Ocean, which lies 39 inches above sea level. Causing the low lying islands to one day be underwater as the water is already approaching the level off the island. Some have already evacuated to higher parts of the island. Climate change is causing the seas to rise, and polar ice to melt. The melted ice is running into the Ocean, causing the rise. In the United States there are states that have experienced years of drought, or have a difficult time purchasing insurance against the many natural disaster that have plagued the U.S. such as hurricanes, and tornadoes. Other areas of the U.S. are experience strange weather patterns one after another, causing the seasons to be longer and some to be shorter. Climate change will eventual have an effect on all us for the remainder of our lives, such as the days weather to storms, from crops to human health, from the security of the nation to the ecosystem that supports all economies. Scientists have agreed that human’s activities are to blame for the change reasons such as, fossil fuel combustion and the deforestation. There are three factors that affect the earth’s climate, the sun, atmosphere and the ocean. Each plays a vital part in the climate, more than any other …show more content…
Their job was to create a report (EIS) environmental impact statement, the council was to take Federal action on anything that had an impact on the quality of the environment. After six months the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was established. President Nixon established this agency to find an intergraded way of approaching the environmental problems. Since the signing of NEPA and EIS in the 70’s the Federal Water Pollution act of 1972 and the Clean water act of 1977 were established to regulate the dumping of waste into oceans, rivers, and streams by the industrial population. Dumping of waste into the water is killing the fish and other wildlife. Still they are giving permits to allow discharge of certain pollutants into the waters. One would say that these laws are being effective, since they are seeing some recovery in the water ways. What about the land? We still continue to build and displace the wild life, and their food source. This is why we here more and more about wild animals being sighted in

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