Thinking Outside The Idiot Box By Dana Stevens And Watching Tv Makes You Smarter By Steven Johnson

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“Evolution of Television Show’s” As television viewers, we tend to slouch in front of this electrical box after a long day, many of us don’t think about how much television programing has changed since our parent’s childhood. In “Thinking outside the Idiot Box” by Dana Stevens and “Watching TV Makes You Smarter” by Steven Johnson both writers give their thoughts and opinions about how television programing has evolved over the last three decades. Both gentlemen recognize that the days of slap stick comedy were over and replace by more sophisticated stories. Although similar in many ways, Johnson and Stevens differ markedly in their approach on this topic. On one hand, you have Dana Stevens taking a more negative approach, devalues television programs based on how their narratives are making dumber and plots are buried in too much information causing misunderstanding about the content. However, Steven Johnson takes a positive stance, promoting the way shows like 24, The Apprentice, and The Sopranos have evolved their narrative and plots to balance out the influx of information being given to the audience. Regardless, television programing has become a more complex product based on the success of better narrative structure and plot formatting that captures an audience attention by introducing a new mature information to their program. In “Thinking outside the Idiot Box”, Stevens argues the narrative of a TV…

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