Thinking Critically Simulation Essay

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Thinking Critically Simulation

Thinking Critically Simulation Several problem evaluation tools and techniques were encountered in the simulation. As each team member completed the simulation, each was able to understand the differences of the tools and techniques that were used, and how they were applied. Discussed here are how these techniques assisted with the evaluations of decision-making processes and outcomes. Further, each team member was able to understand the outcomes that were reached from the simulations, and how the changes of those decision-making techniques offer better results. Many problem evaluation tools and techniques are applied to the Critical Thinking Simulation. The simulation provides a variety
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187), this diagram enables a decision-maker to evaluate and organize large quantities of data and material. All the information is put into columns to determine which material goes with what aspect of the business. Another optional problem evaluation tool is value analysis. A value analysis examines the different functions of processes, services, and materials so the company does not lose quality or customer satisfaction. “At the core of value analysis lies the process of extracting the fundamental functions expected by the product or service” (Cariaga, El-Diraby, & Osman, 2007, p. 1). Using the value analysis technique allows a store manager to evaluate whether or not cost can be reduced without degrading the effectiveness or quality of the products and services. Analyzing the connections between said products and services enables the manager to implement the necessary steps to solve the current and upcoming store problems. The UC Matrix technique is similar in some ways to that of the Affinity diagram and value analysis but also differs in many ways. The UC matrix determines the urgency and criticalness, whereas the Affinity diagram enables the decision-making process by organizing the problems within the relationship between the products and services. The UC Matrix measures the problem versus the solution, whereas the value

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