Thinking About Philosophy Essay

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SECTION A: A REVIEW OF CHAPTER 2 OF OLUSEGUN OLADIPO’S THINKING ABOUT PHILOSOPHY; A GENERAL GUIDE This chapter starts by introducing us to the areas which confuse students concerning philosophy, they are; the practical utility of their area of intellectual engagement, the usual impression of the philosopher as an intellectual generalist. A philosopher as intellectual generalist is one whose area of knowledge has no specific focus and whose skills of critical thinking and capacity for discernment, are nothing more than general intellectual ones. The phrase ‘general intellectual ones’ here means having a highly developed ability to think, reason and
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Thirdly, they are abstract in nature, the answers the give turn out to be questions in a different sense. There are three major activities involved in the search for answer to philosophical questions, they include: (1) Critical thinking; as earlier said philosophy beams its searchlight on all aspects of human life, this approach further reveals the truth in this idea because it is concerned with careful and rigorous examination of our ideas, values and beliefs.. The writer points out that without the activity of critical thinking, no human being can live a life considered worth living or no society can consider itself reasonable. (2) Conceptual analysis; makes for prevention of vagueness which places us in a better position to “criticize the values and ideas we live by” (H.S.Staniland) and to have standard clarification on the domains of life which the analyzed concepts designate. An absence of conceptual analysis makes it impossible to ensure that hidden assumptions are exposed and scrutinized, it is beneficial in the sense that it reduces errors in thinking and promote human self understanding. (3) Reconstruction of ideas; one of the most lacking aspects of African philosophy is the task of promoting better understanding of human condition as a means of enhancing the human capacity to cope with the challenges of life.. A philosopher is that scholar who is relentless in searching for

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