Things You Should Know Before Hiring A Freelance Writer Essay

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15 Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Freelance Writer
Hiring a freelance writer doesn’t have to be a daunting task if you are well prepared, but that alone isn’t enough if you intend to have a truly successful relationship with your writers. It’s important to have writers on the same page as you, likewise, it’s equally important for the the client to be on the same page as the writer. Writers deal with a host of issues, and the more you understand their perspective, the easier it will be to get exactly what you are looking for. Here are fifteen things you should know before you hire a writer.
1. Writers are undervalued – Go ahead, visit any job board for writers and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about, buyers demanding original, top quality content with a quick turnaround for dismal pay. Writers are people too, and they have bills to pay along with mouths to feed. Show a professional writer you value their craft and they will provide you with professionally written content.
2. Professional writers despise content mills – Content mills turn out a plethora of shoddy articles. I’ve read them and I know you have too. The internet is littered with them and the problem only seems to be growing. I’m talking about those poorly written articles or blogs that are hard to read or full of grammatical errors and typos, repeating the same, old, tired rubbish. Sure, they can slam out ten or more articles for you in less than a day, however, you shouldn’t expect anything…

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