Things You Should Know About Before Traveling South Korea Essay

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5 Things You Should Know About Before Traveling to South Korea A foreign country means there are different customs and cultures - exactly what the reason for some of us who are traveling to these foreign lands. Korea is quite a modernized country and there are some eccentricities that some people should expect before going into this foreign and different land. So these five things should be able to help you be prepared for your new and the exciting trip to South Korea. 1. Restaurants
In Korea, there are many historical places and cities, such as Gyeongju, which consist of many traditional restaurants. In addition, in Korea there are many rural areas and many of these restaurants have a traditional setting as well. These restaurants would usually consist of low tables with seat cushions that are set along the sides of these low tables. Then on the ends of the tables there will be a box of silverware which hold chopsticks and spoons. Including, sometimes the host of the restaurants do not allow shoes within the restaurants, so if this occurs the shoes will be placed outside of the eating area until the meal is finished. But there is an increasing number of time-crunched locals who are going the Western way and keeping their shoes on their feet. Finally, in these restaurants there are somethings that needs to be prepared by the customers. For example in a 갈비집 (galbi jib), is where koreans would come to eat BBQ executed in southern smoke and style. The…

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