Things You Need For Know Before Getting A Dog Essay

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10 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Dog
By Debbie Ray
Jan 6, 2009
There are several points to consider whenever you are choosing a dog for you or your family. You want to match your new pet to you and/or your family and to your overall needs as closely as possible. Please, never get a dog on impulse. With any luck you 're choosing a pet that is likely to be with you 8 to 15 years. Select the right dog, and you will both enjoy those years.

If you don 't take the time to plan a bit ahead of time right now, you will probably regret it in the future. This is one of the main reasons that shelters are so full of unwanted pets today - and one thing that could easily be avoided. One good idea is to look for a dog rescue group or reputable breeder when choosing a dog - and to avoid getting a dog at a pet store.

This single decision can be overwhelming. The selection of available dog types is truly amazing. Did you know the dog comes in more than 400 different breeds? There is more variation among dogs than in any other animal species. Dogs can come in all shapes, sizes, coat types and personalities.

Your job is to find the perfect dog breed that fits both your personality and your lifestyle. So, here is a list of things, in no particular order, that you 'll want to take into consideration when deciding on whether or not you should get a dog in the first place.

One, Why do you want a dog in the first place? Do you simply want a companion, a dog for protection purposes, a…

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