Things Shorter Showers, By Derrick Jensen And Waste Not, Want Not By Bill Mckibbens

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Title goes here Waste has, undoubtedly, a very big impact on the current Global Warming phenomenon. Many political figures and environmental activists have called for a change in our habits as consumers to reduce the amount of waste that we produce. However, can we as individuals have a significant impact on the overall waste reduction? Or does this task belong to the large corporations and politicians that really have the power to make a difference? In the essays “Forget Shorter Showers” by Derrick Jensen and “Waste Not, Want Not” by Bill Mckibbens, both authors address the impact of waste reduction as part of the solution to the problem. And discuss whether or not we as individuals have the capacity of making a significant impact on waste reduction.
In the essay “Forget Shorter showers” by Derrick Jensen, the author argues that we as individuals, are powerless in terms of making a significant impact on waste reduction, no matter what changes we make in our lifestyles. Jensen is not implying that we shouldn’t live a more simple life, but rather argues that placing complete focus on individual consumption as part of the solution is erroneous. In addition, Jensen criticizes the idea going green or consuming less, as a political act. Saying that those who do decide to go green, often do so only to feel better about themselves. “More than 90% of the water used by humans is used by agriculture and industry” (Jensen, 565), and “municipal waste accounts only for 3% of the total…

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