Things Of A New Zealand Essay

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Things To Do and See in New Zealand
New Zealand is an absolute paradise, a country of considerable beauty that has managed to find a way to balance its European cultural influences with its proud indigenous traditions. And, while the culture is fantastic, and you’re likely to spend the rest of your life without ever visiting a city as beautiful and friendly as Auckland, the real draw is the beauty and striking majesty of the island nation’s wilderness areas. There’s a reason that Peter Jackson chose to film the Tolkien films in New Zealand beyond the fact that it’s his home.
So, what to do once you’ve seen the Auckland and investigated the melding of Maori tradition and British influence that is modern New Zealand? The most popular things to see and do in New Zealand include walking through the Hobbiton set used in the Jackson films, touring the glaciers and waterfalls of Milford Sound or Fjordland National Park on the South Island, and taking a tour of the Waitomo Caves system on the North Island.
The Weather in New Zealand
New Zealand is made up of two main islands and several smaller ones. The topography of the two islands ranges from sea level up to twelve thousand feet and the climate and weather can vary drastically between the two islands depending on your elevation. The South Island is farther from the equator and enjoys four distinct seasons, while the North Island is more sub-tropical and has a variety of microclimates.
Most experts seem to agree that the best…

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